The Minister of Electricity Affairs and the CEO inspect the second phase of the Al-Dur Power and Water Plant

​His Excellency the Minister of EWA, Eng. Wael bin Nasser Al-Mubarak, and Sheikh Nawaf bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa, CEO of  EWA, visited the site of the second round project for the production of electricity and water to inspect the sites of the main electricity and water network and the private electricity and water production station.

 This visit comes within the framework of the inspection visits to the sites of private electricity production stations in preparation for the Authority to meet the growing demand for electric power and water, as the network and production stations were checked and confirmed to cover the demand for energy and water during the coming periods.

 During the visit, the people in charge of the second floor station for the production of electricity and water confirmed that the operational phase will soon be ready to meet the network’s requirements for electric power and water.

 His Excellency the Minister said that the second round plant for the production of electricity and water is being implemented by contracting with the private sector with the (IWPP) system on the basis of establishing, owning and operating the station with a (BOO) system with a production capacity of 1500 megawatts of electricity and 50 million gallons per day of drinking water.

 The CEO of EWA emphasized the necessity of the readiness and reliability of the company to serve the main electricity network of the Kingdom, especially in the summer periods according to the power and water purchase agreements concluded between the two parties, and discussed the performance tests of the station, stressing the importance of taking all necessary measures to provide the required service in the production of electricity to all subscribers and Very efficiently. The CEO of  EWA said that contracting with these companies aims to achieve a high level of readiness and performance in order to ensure compliance with standards for electricity and water production within the framework of international standards in this field.

 In addition to that, His Excellency the Minister of EWA said that the total capacity of the stations of electricity and water production companies in the Kingdom represents 79% of the generation capacity in the Kingdom, as the total production capacity of these companies of electricity is 3920 megawatts and 186 million gallons per day of desalinated water. And after the introduction of the second phase of the Dur Power and Water Complex with the beginning of summer 2021, it will increase to 5420 megawatts of electric power and 236 million gallons per day, and this comes with the aim of enhancing the performance of this sector and creating competitiveness in this field, which will positively affect the overall performance in the electrical network and the network Water.