​​​In cooperation with iGA, we are pleased to announce the launch of the new eService “Request for Electricity and Water Service Disconnection". This new eService will allow the customer to request for an electricity and water service disconnection “online" without the need of visiting EWA's branch. This service is part of  a bundle of new services that currently EWA is planning to automate as part of the initiative to enhance the services provided by the government to the customers under the guidance of His Highness the First Deputy Prime Minister.

The new eService can be accessed either from EWA website www.ewa.bh or eGovernment Portal www.bahrain.bh , login with the eKey, click on “Request for Electricity and Water Service Disconnection" service, fill in the mandatory information, and select the preferred date for disconnection. Once the request is submitted, the system will automatically initiate the disconnection order and the account will be disconnected once the physical inspection and final reading is completed by EWA's inspector.