​​​In order to apply for any Water Technical Service provided by EWA, you will need to fill and submit the Water Technical Services Request which can be downloaded from the website, determining the purpose of the request.

The purpose of shifting the meter:

  • Corner plot request from Ministry of Housing
  • Corner plot request from Municipalities
  • Maintenance and restoration of the building

Note: meter relocation requests are subject to approval of concerned technician in EWA

Water Technical Services provided by EWA:

  1. Replacing meter from ground to wall mounted
  2. Replacing meter from wall mounted to ground
  3. Removal of meter & service line
  4. Temporary disconnection of water main line
  5. Meter Test (Test fee BD.10 and BD. 20 for 50mm lines  or bigger)
  6. Shifting the meter outside of the building or site
  7. Shifting the meter within the building or site



  1. Fill and submit the Water Technical Services Request - ​f​or th​e form click here
  2. The original valid identity card for personal applications or C.R. copy for business (original valid identity c​ard in case of an application submitter)
  3. Copy of Location Map
  4. Copy of Municipality Building or Demolish Permit​
  5. Copy of the Property Deed or any other ownership document
  6. All over dues must be settled when applying for any service.
  7. For Corner plot request: a copy of the correspondence approval for shifting of service or meter and a copy of the survey certificate showing the required corner plot
  8. For Tenants: the original lease and a copy of it (original will be returned​) including a no objection letter from landlord