​​​​In order to apply for any Electricity Technical Service p​rovided by EWA, you will need to fill and submit the Electricity Technical Services Request which can be downloaded from the website.

Electricity Technical Services provided by EWA:

  1. Removal of Meter & Services
  2. Removal of Wall Box
  3. Removal of Over Head Services
  4. Removal of Underground Cable Passes
  5. Removal of Electricity Poll
  6. Meter Test - (Meter Test Fee  BD. 10)
  7. Relocation of Meter & Services
  8. Relocation of Underground Cable
  9. Relocation of Overhead​ Services
  10. Relocation of Wall Box
  11. Relocation of Sub Station
  12. Change Over Head Services to Underground


  1. Fill and submit the Electricity Technical Services Request - f​or th​e form click here
  2. The original valid identity card for personal applications or C.R. copy for business (original valid identity c​ard in case of an application submitter)
  3. Copy of Location Map
  4. Copy of Municipality Demolish Permit
  5. Copy of the Property ​Deed or any other owners​hip document
  6. All over dues must be settled when applying for any service.
  7. For Tenants: the original lease and a copy of it (original will be returned) ​including a no objection letter from landlord