​​How to apply for the installation of a New / Additional / Split Water service?

New connection of water / meter(s) or installation requests are generally a result of new constructions or additions to buildings. The customer needs to submit a request for a New / Additional / Split of Water service. All applications should be submitted to Electricity and Water Authority, Customer Services Directorate.

Water Supply Requirements:

  1. Fill and submit the Electricity, Water, Municipal Rates Agreement & Service Request - for the form click here
  2. Fill and submit the Application of Water Supply (The application must be signed and stamped by the Seal of Authorized Water Contractor) - for the form click here
  3. The original valid identity card for personal applications or C.R. copy for business (original valid identity c​ard in case of an application submitter)
  4. Copy of Municipality Building Permit  
  5. Copy of Address Card  
  6. Copy of Survey Certificate​  
  7. Copy of Location Map  
  8. Copy of the Property Deed or any other ownership document 
  9. Copy of the building sketches and drawing of boundary wall for villas
  10. All over dues must be settled when applying for any service
  11. For Tenants: the original lease and a copy of it (original will be returned​​) including a no objection letter from landlord

*In some cases you may be asked to submit Electricity & Water Conservation Directorate approval form for water regulation system implementation form after the project is completed

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