​​​​​​​​Final Bill Request

If you are moving out of your old premises, you will need to disconnect the electricity and water services from under your name.

This transaction will end the electricity and water services and request the final bill, so that your security deposit may be funded after the settlement of final bill​​

Step 1 : C​ollect the Application

A customer should collect an applic​ation from EWA Customer Services Centre or Download it ​here.

Step 2 : Submit your request

Submit the completed application form (electricity and Water Agreement, Municipal Fees and Request for Public Service ) or by a letter sent by the subscriber to the Electricity and Water Authority ​alongside the original valid ID card.

Step 3 :  Notification

The final bill will be sent via e-mail alongside a SMS notifying you of the final bill amount.

Step 4 :  Final Bill Settlement

You can settle the final bill through ​full payment over the counter, or request for an adjustment for the final bill via the security deposit.

Step 5 :  Security Deposit Refund

To collect the security deposit, b​ring the original security deposit bond alongside the original valid ID card

Estimated Delivery Duration:

The final bill is prepared within 2 working days from the date of physical disconnection.

Forms and documents

Electricity, Water, Municipal Rates Agreement & General Services Request

​Deposit Refund Form 

For more information about this service, view the ​frequent​ly asked questions​.