​​​Change of Name (CON) - Change of Tenancy (COT) - Reconnection

​​​​​​​​If you are moving into new premises, whether it’s a rental or as a new owner, you will need to change the electricity and water bill to your name.

This transaction will a​ctivate the electric​​ity and water services to your new premises and enable you to receive monthly bills and SMS/email​notifications.


Step 1 : Collect the Application

The customer should collect an application from EWA Customer Services Centre or Download it here.

Step 2 : Submi​t your request

Submit the completed application form with the required attachments. Mandatory required attachments are:

  • Original valid ID card
  • If tenant: lease a​greement
  • If new owner: ownership​ deed or any official ownership document
  • Valid bank account number (IBAN) for monthly direct debit​

Step 3 : Account Security Deposit Payment (applicable for all customers except Bahraini owners)

Pay the security deposit at the payment counter and collect the security deposit b​ond.

Depending on the electricity meter or water c​onnection size (the larger) the deposit amount will differ:


​​​​​​ ​​El​​​​​​​​​​​​​ect​ri​city
Electricity Me​ter​​​
​Deposit amount
Connection size​
Deposit amount​
​Single Phase
BD 100​
12mm / ½ inch​
BD​ 100​
Three Phase​
BD 300​15mm /  1 inch​
BD 500​
BD 1000​
50mm /  2 inch​BD 1000​
ACB (800 A)​​​​​​​​​​
BD 5000​100mm /  4 inch​
BD 5000​
ACB (16000 A) and Above​
BD 10000​
150mm /  6 inch​​BD 10000​​
 ​​ ​​

Estimated Delivery Duration:

In case of reconnection, the service is activated within 24hrs of registration and payment of security deposit.​


Forms and documents

Electricity, Water, Municipal Rates Agreement & General Services Request​

For more information about this​ service, view the frequently asked questions.​