Change of Name (CON) - Change of Tenancy (COT) - Reconnection

If you are moving into new premises, whether it's a rental or as a new owner, you will need to change the electricity and water bill to your name.

This transaction will activate the electricity and water services to your new premises and enable you to receive monthly bills and SMS/email notifications.

 Step 1: Collect the Application

The Electricity, Water, Municipal Rates Agreement & Service Request application form is available on the authority's website by clicking he​​re

Step 2: Submit your request

Book an appointment through the Skiplino app after filling the Electricity, Water, Municipality Rates & Service Request and attaching the required documents according to the type of transaction:

  • A copy of the smart card reading or a copy of both sides (Owner / Tenant)
  • lease agreement (Applicable to tenants only)
  • Lease agreement registration receipt (Applicable to tenants only)
  • If new owner: ownership deed or any official ownership documents.
  • An official bank document of the IBAN account number.
  • settled the arrears on the owner and tenant if any.
  • A picture of the electricity & water meter.
  • Tenant evacuation premise form should be filled in case of transferring the name from tenant to the owner.


Step 3: Account Security Deposit Payment

Security deposit amount applies to all segments of customers, except for the Bahraini and foreign owners.

The security deposit amount is determined based on the size and connection of the electricity and water meter (whichever is larger), according to the below table:

Electricity Meter Deposit amountConnection size Deposit amount
Single Phase
BD 100 12mm / ½ inch BD 100
Three Phase BD 300 25mm /  1 inch BD 500
C.T. BD 1000 50mm /  2 inch BD 1000
ACB (800 A) BD 5000 100mm /  4 inch BD 5000
ACB (16000 A) and Above BD 10000 150mm /  6 inch BD 10000


Estimated Delivery Duration:

In case of reconnection request, the service will be activated within 2 working days​ of registration and payment of security deposit.


Application forms, Click Here

For more information about this service, view the frequently asked questions .