Electricity and water services are public utilities supplied after agreement to the laws and regulations enforced by the Electricity and Water Authority EWA, and cannot be used without being charged calculated by the meter.  To exploit or misuse these services is a crime and is punishable by the laws in Kingdom of Bahrain.

  Violation Classifications​

  • Connecting and using electricity / water without a formal justification and the existence of meter reading differences
  • Connecting and using of electricity / water without formal justification and bypassing the meter
  • Connecting and using electricity by unsafe and unauthorised means
  • Connecting and using electricity and water without formal justification but with unofficial connection fuse
  • Tampering and compromising the natural rotation of the electricity or water meter to affect its natural rotation
  • Supplying electricity or water to other buildings without formal justification
  • Connecting and using electricity before meter installation (this is a crime)
  • Tampering and compromising the installations affecting the public safety and the safety of the main network (this is a crime)

Violations Process Procedures

When a violation is found and documented by EWA representatives, the service will be disconnected immediately upon discovery.  The violation will be referred to EWA officials to take the administrative actions required to collect payment of the administrative fees and arrange the signing of a pledge not to repeat the violation, also payment of any electricity / water usa​ge cost as a result of the violation.

In some cases, the usage is being estimated according to the size of the loads, con​nections, the time period and type of usage, especially in those cases where the service is being used bypassing the meter. Cases which are classified as crimes are referred to the legal authorities according to the below diagram.


​​​​​​ ​​Administrative Fees for Violations
Electricity Service Violations​​​
​Water Service Violations
1st Violation
BD 20​
1st Violation
BD 30​
2nd Violation​ BD 50​ 2nd Violation​
BD 50​
3rd Violation BD 100​
3rd Violation BD​ 10​0​
* Violations for more than 3 times and violations that are classified as crimes are referred to the legal authorities according to the below diagram
 ​​ ​​