​​​Remote electricity and water meter reading collection has been implemented through the use of modern technology for this service and currently 12,000 electricity meters and 3,500 ​water meters are being read in this way​.

The mechanism reads meters automatically and reliably, without meter readers having to visit the sites and it has the ability to cut the power from and rewind these meters.​

It is hoped that according to the plan for the year 2017, Electricity and Water Authority will install 40,000 smart meters.

Advantages of this system:

  1. The reading can be taken at any time and for any possible number of meters at once.​
  2. No need to visit the sites to take a reading.
  3. Able to take readings for restricted and closed areas.​
  4. Readings taken are accurate and collected speedily.
  5. Bills are issued on the same day of the meter reading.
  6. These type of meters have​ a set of characteristics that contribute to load control.