If you believe that your Electricity, Water and Municipality Bill is unusual, or you are having some doubts regarding your bill, you can verify the following points to ensure that your bill is correct:

For Electricity / Water:

Estimated Meter Reading (E): compare your bill current meter reading with the actual meter reading in your premises, if your meter reading is different (higher or lower) than the bill’s estimated meter reading and you would like to correct it, you can submit your actual current meter reading through the following channels:
  • Online: by clicki​ng here
  • By Phone:  +973   17515555 
  • By Fax:       +973   17388001
  • Email: ​customercare-ew​a@​ewa.bh
  • Over the counter through EWA Customer Services Centres: take a clear picture of your meter and present it to the front line customer services agents.
Actual meter reading (A): compare your bill current meter reading with the actual meter reading in your premises:
  • If your bill actual meter reading is higher than the actual meter reading this is fine since it's supposed to increase as you keep using the service.
  • If your bill actual meter reading is lower than the actual meter reading then there might be an issue, Just visit one of EWA Customer Services Centres with a picture of your meter reading.
The meter: verify that the Meter IDs on the bill are the same as the Meter ID supplying your premises (address), if your Meter ID is different, just visit one of EWA Customer Service Centres with a picture of your correct meter.

Consumption: compare your consumption with previous months bills, taking into consideration the different weather seasons.
  • In colder winter weather the consumption is expected to go down since there is lower electricity usage (air conditioners mostly off) and lower water consumption (less shower times).
  • In warmer summer weather the consumption is expected to go up since there is higher electricity usage (air conditioners are mostly ON for a longer duration and set to a lower temperature setting which makes the air conditioner consume more power) and higher water consumption (more shower times).
There are many methods/practices to reduce the consumption, visit Electricity and Water Conservation Directorate to learn more about reducing your consumption of electricity and water.

Water Leakage: You could have a water leakage within your premises that you are unaware of, the water leakage could be inside, outside or even hidden within the walls, look for water residues so you can allocate the leakage, otherwise visit one of our Customer Services Centres. 

Subsidy f​or Bahrainis: Electricity and Water Services are subsidised, however as of March 2016 the subsidy is gradually being reallocated, so check your tariff's subsidies status.


​If you have any doubts or questions regarding the Municipality Rates Section in your bill, whether it’s a Municipalities Rate or Municipalities Rent, kindly refer to The Ministry of Works and Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning (Municipality Affairs).

If you need any more information related to billing enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact the Customer Care Centre on +973 1751 ​5555, or email us at customercare-ew​a@​ewa.bh