​​A​​​​- Applicable Regulations :​ Tende​r Board Laws​​ Decree ​No. 36 of 2002​ Decree N​o. 37 of 2002 Law No. ​29 of 2010 Tender Boa​rd Decisions ​Tender Board Circul​ars​ B- ​Procedures:How to register wi​th EWAHow to register with Tender Board​C​- Standard Tender Documents:​ Instructions to Ten​der​s Pocket - Standard Forms required in the BidOther Standard Forms: For Tenders to be opened at Tender Board: Tender Submission Form No. TB 02 External Tenders Envelop-A Sticker E​xternal Tenders Envelop-B Sticker ​​​For Tenders to be opened at Electricity & Water Authority:​​​