​Please submit the documents as required below for the material approval consideration:-

  1. A letter addressed to The Chief, Engineering services​, Electricity Distribution Directorate, indicating the items for which approval is required.

  2. Along with the above letter submit the Application for approval of an item for use in a Project and General Trading (attach 3 copies of each of the aforementioned applications).

  3. Catalogue details / Dimensional drawing of the items offered for approval.

  4. Test report from an EDD approved independent laboratory, tested within the last five years, tested for the values as specified for the items offered ​(attach 1 copy of list of EDD approved laboratories click here​).

  5. Additional requirements in the case of equipment for power factor correction and harmonics suppression are as given below:
    Based on the load, if power factor correction and harmonic suppression are to be done, calculation for this shall be submitted to the Forward planning for their approval. As per the approved calculation suitable automatic power factor correction panel with suitable harmonic filters shall be installed, for which also material approval should be obtained complying with item 1~4 requirements. 

  6. Items 2~5 shall be submitted as soft copy in a CD.​​