​This service is provided by the Electricity and Water Authority to Individuals, Businesses, Governmental Entities and NGOs requesting to obtain the approval of the Authority to use electrical materials for specific projects or general use in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The approval is applicable to any manufactured or imported material procured at the developer expense, which is meant to be used under the service conditions and system details of the Kingdom. The process is streamlined by this guide .

Please submit the documents as required below for the material approval consideration:
  1. A letter addressed to The Chief, Engineering services, Electricity Distribution Directorate, indicating the items for which approval is required.
  2. Along with the above letter, the Application form to be submitted for Development Projects or General Use.
  3. Declaration of Compliance to be submitted for Development Projects or General Use.
  4. Technical submittals in accordance to above referenced guide and forms.
    1. Items 2~4 shall be submitted as soft copy in a CD. 
    2. The test reports shall be from an EDD approved independent laboratory, tested within the last five years, tested for the values as specified for the items offered (attach 1 copy of list of EDD approved laboratories click here).