This revised and enlarged edition of the wiring regulation replaces the 1985 edition of the Regulations for Electrical Installations. The EWA has adopted many of the clauses from the latest editions of the IEC, IEE & KUWAIT Regulations, modifying them to suit Bahrain conditions where necessary. It is the intention of the EWA to re-examine these Regulations periodically and to issue amendment sheets whenever it is considered necessary.

Engineers, Consultants, and Contractors are advised to contact the Electricity Distribution Directorate at six monthly intervals and collect any such amendment sheets which may have been issued.

Certain clauses and tables of the present Regulations are included by permission of the International Electrotechnical Commission which retain the copyright.

Some other clauses and material of the present Regulations are included from the 16th edition of the IEE Regulations which retains the copyright.

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