​​The following illustrates all the steps of the Prequalification (PQ) Process, including the forms that have to be filled. Please read them carefully and complete all the requirements to avoid processing delays due to inadequate information.

Items Category:

Critical Items (Item no.: 1): These items do not have substitute in stock and are not locally available. Stock out of these item will cause delays which will affect standard of service by EWA to Customer/ Public.
For Electricity Distribution Directorate (EDD) Critical Items (Item no.: 1) List, Please Cli​ck here

Non-Critical Items (Item no.: 2): These are regular items, which move as per the predicted usage, are tendered at regular intervals and requisitioned regularly by the EDD. For Electricity Distribution Directorate (EDD) Non-critical Items (Item no.: 2) List, Please Click here

Step 1 – Application for Prequalification:​
Manufacturers desirous of pre-qualifying to participate in regular tenders for supply of equipment/ material to EDD shall submit their application in this for​m duly signed by the manufacturer and the local vendor alongwith the submittals required.

Declaration: (The form shall be duly signed by both the vendor and the manufacturer)

A declaration certificate is required from the manufacturer that you will be the only representative of the manufacturer in Bahrain during the prequalification process. It is very vital that the “Declaratio​n F​orm” included as an attachment to this application is filled up by you duly signed and stamped with company seal as a confirmation that you would be the exclusive representative associated with EDD’s prequalification and approval process.

An Unconditional Acceptance by the manufacturer that they agree to carry out the Type Tests (Step 4) as this is a vital requirement for us to proceed with the prequalification work. EDD need confirmation on the “Declaration F​orms” that the manufacturer would bear the Complete expenses of an EDD approved independent third party inspection agency for carrying out the audit at the manufacturers works.

Schedule of Guarantee: The Schedule of Guarantee included in EDD’s technical specifications has to be filled up completely as a confirmation by the manufacturer that they can comply with all technical requirements of EDD in their offered products. The EDD specifications can be purchased from EWA – Central Stores Directorate, Tendering Section at Sitra.

Prequalification File – Table of Contents: The file shall be well organized in separate folders as per attached PQ Format

NOTE: All required documents should be provided in English Language and submitted in PDF format (electronic copies on CD or DVD or USB) as per attached PQ File format.

In case (Vendor/ Manufacturer) are still interested in getting themselves prequalified to supply any of their product(s) for use in EWA Distribution network, you may contact the following personnel for further action:

Director, Purchasing & Supply Directorate
Manama – Kingdom of Bahrain
Fax: 17537096 - Tel: 17995553
P.O. Box: 5325

Step 2 – Work Visit (ONLY for Items no.: 1 List):
In case the above submittals are satisfactory, EWA-EDD will request Manufacturer/ Vendor to arrange works visit by an approved independent inspection agency (3rd Party Agency) acceptable to EDD. The expenses of the third party’s visit will have to be borne by the Manufacturer/ Vendor. For EDD’s List OF Independent Inspection Agencies, Please Click ​here.

Once the 3rd Party Inspection Agency is selected, Manufacturer/ Vendor will provide EDD complete communication details of the agency and the CV of auditor(s) for EDD approval.

The Scope of Work for the inspection agency is included in the attached document, Please Click​ here.​​

After the manufacturers works Appraisal / Inspection by the agency is completed, the Inspection report will be sent DIRECTLY by the Inspection agency to EDD in a sealed envelope. EDD will review the report and any shortcomings, will be communicated to the Agency. In case the report is conclusive and satisfactory, then EWA will share all information/ documents with Tender Board. Once Tender Board are satisfied with (all submittals & procedures), the manufacturer will be considered as a Prequalified source. Subsequently EWA will communicate to the Vendor the outcome of the audit and the evaluation.

Step 3 – Sample Approval, Trial Order and Type Test:​

Manufacturer/ Vendor who has been pre-qualified as per above procedure could be awarded with a trial order for a suitable quantity subject to the following:

  • To ascertain the suitability of the product as well as the capabilities of this manufacturer. ONE sample of their product as per EDD Description/ Specification shall be sent to EDD yard (Juffair) for scrutiny and inspection. The sample shall fully meet all the requirements of EDD description, if not the sample has to be collected and rectified by the manufacturer/vendor to comply with EDD requirements at your costs & risk.

  • Upon successful scrutiny and inspection of the above sample, EDD will inform Manufacturer/ Vendor to manufacture additional quantity as per EDD specifications and requirement. EDD will select a random sample from this lot, to be sent for full Type/Special testing according to EDD Description/ Specification at any EDD Approved Independent Laboratory. List of EDD Appr​oved Laboratories is attached for your reference.
  1. EDD may select random sample based on the following:
    EDD shall be informed about the Serial Numbers of this item. The sample(s) shall be properly sealed prior to sending it to the independent laboratory (Photographs shall be taken for the internal construction of the selected sample(s) (all Sides and Top) and to be provided to the independent laboratory prior to testing. OR

  2. Random selection done by EDD representative at the manufacturers works.
    The type test at the EWA approved laboratory may be witnessed by EWA approved 3rd Party Agency or EDD representative (all expenses for the 3rd Party Agency visit will be borne by vendor/manufacturer). EDD will let you know the nominated persons to witness the tests as EDD representatives, then you should send the invitation letter (4 weeks in advance) from the Laboratory so we can make the necessary arrangements for the visit.

Step 4 – Performance & Field Assessment:

If the sample passes type/special testing at the independent laboratory, remaining quantity which are in manufacturer custody will be installed and commissioned. Performance will be monitored by EDD.

​All technical details required prior to the trial installation shall be provided and the scope of supply shall comply with the relevant clauses of EDD Description/Specification.
Upon successful Type/Special Testing, installation & commissioning of the all quantity, the manufacturer will be considered as an APPROVED source. Regular orders are generally placed on the lowest in price offer from approved sources.​